Bustling ballroom filled with men and women dressed in formal wear. Clattering of dishes being removed by wait staff from cluttered round tables. Ballroom is decorated with gold paintings of Emmy statues on either side of a large stage. The stage is filled with neatly organized gold Emmy statues and a Plexiglas lectern on each side of the stage. EMCEE stands behind the left lectern dressed in a tuxedo or gown.  We enter as Emcee opens the envelope for “Best Writing”.


And the winner for best writing is
Marianne Bates.

The crowd cheers. MARIANNE stands from her chair. The chair falls over due to the weight of the swag bag hanging on the chair and falls onto her dress train causing her to trip as she attempts to leave the table. Guests at the table laugh. Embarrassed, she quickly picks up her swag bag and chair, places them back at the table then walks toward the stage.

EMCEE (continued)

Marianne exemplifies a diverse background in the entertainment industry. While studying theatre and commercial acting in her teens and twenties, Marianne apprenticed with her father on a variety of shows and productions as a pyrotechnician assistant. After training with her father in pyrotechnics she was forever bonded with the craft.

Marianne and her husband, a firefighter and fellow pyrotechnician, met while working on a fireworks show. Currently, they work with Fireworks and Stage FX America – a leading special effects company in Southern California.

Marianne stops to recognize a few friends. One friend gives her a hug of congratulation.

EMCEE (continued)

Over the years, Marianne acted while also producing numerous multiple-day entertainment events and theatrical productions. After taking a hiatus to raise her children, she came back full force in the entertainment world. Among other festival awards, to date, she received eight Emmy nominations and won three; two for writing and one for production.

As Marianne arrives to the stage, a gorgeous young woman dressed in a gown hands her an Emmy trophy as the Emcee continues.

EMCEE (continued)

Her two Cockatoo Parrots, Kona and Rio, inspired the name TwoToos Productions.

Marianne resides in Southern California with her family.  She likes Pina Coladas and getting caught … no wait … that’s someone else. Marianne likes dirty Vodka Martinis and nighttime beach walks. 

Marianne approaches the lectern and microphone.  As she speaks, she is startled by the sound of her own voice.


Thank … oh my … thank you very much.  I did not win this award alone.  It took a wonderful team of filmmakers to make my words come to life.  I am honored to work with such talented people.  I appreciate being a part of the Amalgamated Grommet team and 100 Rainbows Productions. Even though the acting bug still has its grip on me.  My additional passions are screenwriting and film production.  I’ve worked on several independent films as writer and producer and I’m honored to have received numerous awards and nominations for my work.  

Awards Night