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COVERAGE – Feature

Modern Day Suspense Thriller – About an award-winning investigative journalist for a major news network, diagnosed with stage-four lymphoma cancer. Her HMO insurance denied her the medical coverage she needs to battle her cancer – essentially, sentencing her to death. Uncovering a news-worthy secret about her HMO, the ensuing story wreaks havoc on the HMO and the personal life of it’s CEO.

When you have nothing left, there is nothing left to lose.

Sizzle reel/Proof of Concept Emmy nominated for Producing and Directing, nominated and won an Emmy Award in Short Form Writing. Won multiple film festival awards and screened at the Cannes International Film Festival.


A 1940’s Film Noir Comedy – A young heiress accused of murdering her elderly millionaire husband, William Baker III – Owner of Baker’s Baked Beans. Detective Johnny Love is hired by the heiress to prove her innocence.

If something is rotten in town, Detective Johnny Love will sniff it out.

Sizzle reel/Proof of Concept nominated for an Emmy Award in Short Form Writing. Also won multiple film festival awards and screened at the Cannes International Film Festival

Features – Works in Progress


Music Based Drama – A middle aged marketing specialist, wife and mother of two teenagers decides to take on the role of Business Manager for a once famous pianist. Her goal is to remind the world of his amazing talents and put him back into the limelight. As their business relationship grows, their families are torn apart. Can music bring everything back together again?


Modern Day Drama/Suspense – A young woman taken to America after her husband is killed in her native country. She enrolls in an English course to learn to speak English and learn the American way. Along the way, she discovers men are not so different than the men in her country. She and her mail-order bride classmates decide to teach the men they live with that their barbaric behavior is unacceptable.

Sizzle reel/Proof of Concept nominated for three Emmy Awards (Writing/Producing/Directing) and won an Emmy Award in Short Form Writing. Also won multiple film festival awards and screened at the Cannes International Film Festival


Fantasy/Musical/Drama/Adventure – 1700’s France, a young piano maker falls under an enchanted spell giving him immortality. Can he overcome his sorrow after Napoleon Bonaparte seizes his beloved piano in lieu of life in prison for non-payment of taxes? Soon after Napoleon acquires Louisiana from Spain, Cristofori finds himself in New Orleans in 1800. Cristofori’s American adventures through music take him from one coast to another seeking happiness. Will he know what it is if he ever finds it?

Never forget three types of people in your life: Who helped you in your difficult times; Who left you in your difficult times? Who put you in difficult times!


Modern Day Romance – A dowdy, overweight, fifty year old widower, Mary,persuaded by her two children in their early twenties to start dating – she decides there is no room for love in her life. She claims that her love life died with their father. Mary’s beautiful, wealthy, “everything she touches turns to gold” sister, Barbara, comes to celebrate Mary’s 50th birthday. Barbara insists Mary needs a change of scenery and invites Mary to stay with her and her husband for a few weeks. While visiting, Mary discovers that Barbara’s perfect life isn’t so perfect. Barbara and her husband keep trying to fix Mary’s love life. Mary tries to help Barbara and her husband rekindle their marriage – something worth fighting for. All the while, Mary’s true love has been there the whole time.


**Award winning or nominated

The Perfect Life

Romance/Musical – A sister’s signing group finds their perfect life may be interrupted by an unexpected circumstance.

**One Plus One Night Stand

Dark Comedy – Helen discovers she accidently killed her date. She enlists her sister and nephew to help get rid of the body.

Five Points Vineyard: Website video final V6

A hard-working man follows his dream and retires from his day job to open the best winery on the planet. Be careful, once you taste this sultry wine, there is no turning back.


Comedy – Hero or villain? The story follows the unlikely hero into the hearts of many grateful women.

Won for best screenwriting in the West Field Screenwriting Competition

**The Answer

Science fiction – When environmental chaos takes over your planet, will the inhabitants be able to save their planet by learning from the mistakes their ancestors made on the “old planet”? Is it possible to reverse the effects of environmental damage on any planet?

Nominated for an Emmy Award for production and won multiple film festival awards for writing, directing, producing, editing and best film.)

**Mourning Michael

Drama – A tender film about a family celebrating their child’s life.

Emmy nominated for Writing and Producing and awarded an Emmy in Short Form Program

**The List

Drama – A touching story about childhood friends that grew apart as they grew older. Once reunited, it is decided it’s never too late to make good on your promise.

Nominated for Emmys for Writing, Production and Musical Score and won multiple film festival awards, including best writing and best film, plus screened at the Cannes International Film Festival


Comedy – Detectives perform an undercover operation to shut down a prostitution ring. They undercover much more than planned.


– Silent Film – Moments after the President of the United States has died, the Vice President is informed he is now in charge.

Won numerous awards in various film festivals, including Best Film

Fall From Grace

Horror – A caretaker and her ward are driving home from a Halloween party when their car breaks down. The caretaker is faced with terror and needs to keep her ward safe from harm.

Work for Hire

Bittersweet Fortune

Henrietta Hill must overcome her youthful bitterness and take control of herself and her family business after the sudden disappearance of her father.

The Checkout Club

Romance – When the boss leaves on an emergency, it’s lights out and game on for the employees.


Coming of Age/Science-fiction – A young daughter struggles with her mother’s death, her father’s alcoholism and evil stepmother. After her father’s disappearance, she is believed to have killed him for her inheritances, what happens next is out of this world.

Studio Daze (working title)

– Confidential storyline

Still Room For Love (working title)

– Confidential storyline

Green Into Gold (working title)

– Confidential storyline

The Wish (working title)

– In pre-production, confidential storyline

The Long Goodbye

– In pre-production, confidential storyline